Kinect Projector Calibration

Available openFrameworks addons

Drivers and libraries for Kinect

  • OpenKinect
    • libfreenect
      Drivers and libraries for the Xbox Kinect device on Windows, Linux, and OS X
    • libfreenect2
      Open source drivers for the Kinect for Windows v2 device
  • OpenNI
    The OpenNI framework is an open source SDK used for the development of 3D sensing middleware libraries and applications.
  • RGBDemo
    RGBDemo is an opensource software that aims at providing a simple toolkit to start playing with Kinect data and develop standalone computer vision programs without the hassle of integrating existing libraries. NOTE: RGBDemo is not actively maintained anymore. Developed by Nicolas Burrus and Christian Parsons, also author of Cámara Lúcida.